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 Exclusive Weekly Trainings

Every session in our curriculum is designed to improve your financial game. With practical lessons you'll be able to implement instantly what you've learned from basic financial trainings hence to advanced investment strategies and risk management tactics. So, we offer a variety of trainings for every student in our university.

 Monthly Live Q&A

The monthly Q&A live sessions are a vital part of our Finance Five University. We believe that this encourages you to keep track, helps you to overcome obstacles, and improves your financial performance. Other programs charging $1,000 won't offer this - for us however, it is an important element to serve our students. 

 VIP Community

The moment you enroll you get instant access to an A-team of entrepreneurs, creatives, investors, and top-performers to build impactful connections. Some special perks are also planned for the future.

PLUS... When You Become A University Member Today, 

You'll Get Instant Access To These HUGE Bonuses!

BONUS 1: Behind The Scenes

Watch us behind the curtain. Very often we struggle figuring out the first steps and transition from the knowledge we consume over to the practical side of things. This is where we let you watch over our shoulders when we apply the things we teach. 

BONUS 2: Full Length Interviews

This is our personal education hub and you can join in as well. Interviewing specialists will be part of our Finance Five Show. Those interviews will be cut in length for the public - for our students, we'll provide the full length interview. Fully-packed with additional gold nuggets. You see, we're not holding anything back. If you win, we win!

BONUS 3: Ebook Modern Millionaires

Get instant access to the digital copy of this book, based on the life-transforming principles of "Think And Grow Rich"! Enjoy reading!

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